Eagle Laminate Care & Maintenance                       

Eagle Laminate Care and Maintenance  11/2023 -1


After installation, use SHOP VAC or SOFT bristle broom to pick up dry dust and loose debris from floor. 

This should be followed with SWIFFER/ BONA PAD damp mop cleaning with water (please ensure there is no dripping water) or PH neutral cleaners, to pick-up left over dust. Make sure not to use vacuum with hard bristles or beater bar style. 

DO NOT use steam cleaners.


Pet (domestic cat and dog) urine and spills should be cleaned in timely manner (within 30 minutes) to avoid any damage to the flooring. Some pet urine, vomit and feces may be substantially acidic or alkaline. In that case, we recommend it to be cleaned immediately.


The floor may be cleaned by using a dry microfiber cloth or damp (not wet) mop. In case where deeper or more thorough cleaning is required, we recommend using pH neutral cleaners without harsh chemicals. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners. Do not use any abrasive tools or pads as they may scratch the floor. Do not use any “mop and shine” products to clean the flooring. 


Care should be taken in moving and placing appliances and furniture on the floor. All heavy appliances, furniture and any sharp objects touching the floor should have flooring surface protective pads under them. Hard Ball-type/wheel type or similar casters can damage the floor and should be avoided. We recommend the use of a non-rubber hard-surface chair mat to protect your floor from rolling office chairs with casters. We also recommend these under chair mats for chairs without casters as they may damage the floor while the person is sitting on adjusting the chair • Keep pets’ nails trimmed (not sharp) • Remove shoes with cleats or spikes, or pointed high heels before walking on the floor. Also use caution to check about any exposed nails on regular heels.


It is recommended not to drag furniture on the floor as it will likely cause scratches on the floor. Scratches or wear and tear are not covered under any floor warranty. Mats should be used at all entrance points to avoid bringing in grit and damaging the floor. Long period of exposure to high temperatures and/or direct strong lighting from (such as the sun) must be avoided as it may damage the floor.

To minimize the natural expansion and contraction of the wood, maintain a normal indoor relative humidity level between 35 and 65% throughout the year.


Proper care and maintenance will help you enjoy your Eagle Laminate flooring for a long time to come. Improper care may cause swelling, warping, delamination, and joint-line separation resulting in warranty to be void. During moving in or Appliance repairs or similar remodeling: Ram Board protection is required when moving equipment or furniture across on or with proper carts etc. Do not use Tape or adhesive of any kind to adhere anything to the Eagle Laminate floor planks during aforementioned circumstances.


Eagle Laminate Care and Maintenance 11/2023 - 1

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